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Trade in Your Old Bike

Trade in Your Bike for a New Ride

Imagine the feeling of walking out of the bike store with a brand-new upgraded ride…and leaving your old bike with that brake issue you’ve never wanted to deal with behind. Thanks to our partnership with the Bicycle Blue Book, we are now a preferred vendor for all types of bike trade-ins!

Your old bike doesn’t have to be a specialty brand. Got a Huffy or Magna? We take those, too! Get a bike you really deserve when you trade-in your old department store bike for a quality Trek or Electra bike. You’ll be amazed at the difference when you ride a quality bike. Renew your love for riding when you trade-in for a better bike!

Take the guesswork out of knowing the value of your bike and trading it in when you come to Papa Wheelie’s Bicycles. Trading in your bike is a simple 3-step process.

Discover your bike’s value. Either bring your bike into our shop or use the handy tool below to find your bike’s trade-in value. We take any bikes, even department store bikes.
Bring your bike into Papa Wheelie’s for a bike inspection and final appraisal value.
Pick out your new ride! The credit from your old bike applies to the purchase price of the new bike.

You deserve it! Bring that old bike in and let us give you a credit towards a shiny, beautiful new bike that you will love to ride!

More Details About Our Bike Trade-In Program

  • Your bike should be functioning and clean.
  • If your bike needs major service, that will affect the value of your trade-in credit.
  • The serial number must be visible and not scratched out.
  • If you have the owner’s manual for your bike, please bring it.
  • You need to bring a valid US ID.
  • If you’ve made major upgrades to the bike, please bring receipts for those upgrades.
  • You will receive store credit, not cash, for the trade-in value of your bike.
  • Trade-in credit must be used within 2 weeks of trading in your bike.
  • The Bicycle Blue Book valuation tool on this page is for informational purposes only. Papa Wheelie’s reserves the right to make a final offer based on a visual inspection of the bike.